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Roof Racks

We introduced the Rudge Ridge Off Road Products for functional quality parts for your Jeep. This products line offers custom design and replacement part for Jeep vehicles. It consists of durable materials to stand out maximum pressure and resistance. This can be sold at an affordable price.

Need a roof Rack that offers great looks, tough off road capabilities and ease of use? We definitely offer a great and wide variety of automotive parts and accessories for your vehicle Jeep at a lowest price that you can afford. At Rugged Ridge Off-Road products, we assure you that you can find a roof rack that fit or match your vehicle. The Rugged Ridge Roof Racks are constructed of ultra heavy duty 2“x120 wall tubular steel, overbuilt steel design to create a rack system that is as tough, and capable for off-road adventure and activities.

Racks are carefully mounted to the rear frame and the front door windshield hinges, to prevent it to wiggle or shaking while driving down the road. These racks come with removable cross members for ease of removal of your soft or hard top. Each cross member is the same diameter of the popular rack systems on the market, making it easy to mount and secure all things in tight.

WARNING, this roof rack is designed to hold up to 500 lbs of evenly distributed cargo secured with approved cargo retention devices (not included). NEVER overload this rack! Though very durable, this external roof rack is not designed to protect the occupants of the vehicle in case of an accident or rollover nor is it ever to be modified for use other than to hold retained cargo. Never drive beyond the vehicles limitations. Always wear your seatbelts while driving!

We, on the other hand make an effort to get what you need by assisting you as our valued customer to the top and highly innovative automotive parts available in the market today. So that let us help you to get what you need and be our valued customer with total satisfaction.

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We are known for innovative and outstanding automotive parts retail store in the market today is recently included the Rugged Ridge Off-Roads products as new and unique products line that are fully customized kits, parts and accessories for Jeep and Non-Jeep vehicles.

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