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Roof Racks

Here, at 4Wheel Direct, we offer a wide variety of roof racks from jeep to truck racks, headache racks and cargo racks from trusted and well-known brands like Go Rhino Xtreme, Back Rack, Tough Country, Rugged Ridge, Warrior, ProRac and Hitch Hand. We offer our customers with the lowest price anybody can find in the market. Make any Jeep or truck unmatched from others... enhance vehicle's performance and exterior style by installing roof racks. Shop now!


Go Rhino has been in the aftermarket automotive accessories for more that three decades and is widely reputed for its high-quality and original products that easily set industry standards. Go Rhino has even gotten stronger over the recent years as it partnered with Xtreme Racks – two companies that aim for a common goal to bring out the great Truck Rack that is all durable and useful without compromising good looks.

To date, Go Rhino and Xtreme Racks have a wide array of product lines for trucks and SUVs. These high-quality products consist of, among others, universal steps, hitch step, Jeep accessories, truck racks, off-road pre-runner racks and bars, one-piece and modular grille/brush guards, side bars, garage and shop organizers, and a lot more products that should not be missed to achieve a totally different and powerful-look for trucks and SUVs.


Headache Racks are installed onto the rear window of trucks as an add-on for a better look of the vehicle while at the same time protecting the vehicle and the rear window from any damage or breakage. The Headache Racks have also been proven to be useful for sun protection making the cab feel cooler as the racks serve as the rear window’s sunshades. The Headache Racks may be just as useful when there are cargoes on the bed of the truck to protect the rear window from some contact with the cargoes that may cause breakage or other slight damage.

The BackRack Headache Rack works like a powerful structure attached to the rear window to protect the cab and its passengers inside and also to secure cargo on the truck bed especially on rough roads and some minor accidents or collisions. The headache rack is easy to install, on some truck models, the rack can even be installed without drilling. There are more than twenty accessory brackets that ensure a simple, hassle-free mounting of stool boxes, arrow sticks, light bars, spot lights and a lot more.

One of the most outstanding brands of Headache Racks is the Tough Country of Texas. It has been producing headache racks over the years making sure that any buyer gets good value for every purchase. Tough Country Headache Racks are truly functional and practical, they serve as protectors against sun and damage while they also provide style and good look for the trucks.


Rugged Ridge has been widely known in the aftermarket jeep accessories industry. It offers a wide variety of off-road accessories that are offered at reasonable and affordable prices. The Rugged Ridge Racks and Storage are among the great buys, providing tough off road capabilities, functionality and good looks. Cargoes and stuff can be safely lodged on the racks and storage for convenient and practical driving while providing extra space inside the vehicle. The Rugged Ridge products are of high quality and will surely go a long way given their tested strength and durability.

A manufacturer and producer of superior quality roof racks, Warrior Products have a ready selection of Sport Racks, Canoe Racks, and Safari Racks. These racks can safely load up a number of stuff and cargoes including spare tire, tools, luggage and even bikes. For style and practicality, the Warrior Products selection of Racks will certainly be a good buy.


Ensure a hassle-free travel with luggage and cargoes on board with the Jeep Cargo Management equipment. Nothing beats a well-organized cargo management. It provides more space for the vehicle as it also provides safe and secure driving and carrying of the cargoes and luggage even on rough roads.

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