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A Headache Rack improves the contours of any truck cab and rear window. Headache Racks along with its various accessories provide a fully-functional and useful system that combines maximum truck style and performance. It is a fact that glass is fragile especially around its edges. A Headache Rack was designed to protect the vulnerable glass edges while also protecting the rest of the truck’s window and bed.

Roof Racks Direct presents two outstanding Headache Racks –the BackRack Headache Racks and Tough Country Headache Racks. These genuine products are offered at low price to meet customer budget. Gain huge savings upon buying plus the certainty of having an absolutely impressive vehicle.

A Headache Rack increases driver and passenger security. It adds versatility and usefulness to any truck for both recreational and business use. Headache Racks often includes bars or slants, also referred to as sunshades in their designs to keep the vehicle cool. This is one probable reason why headache racks are so popular in the southwest. It does not only keep the sun off the truck’s rear window but it also protects the back window against damages often caused by cargoes placed unto the bed of the truck. Headache Racks are a great stylish addition to any application, thus, offering an aggressive and robust appearance without sacrificing truck performance. It can also serve as a support for cargo and when equipped with a rear rack, it is almost like a ladder rack.

Roof Racks Direct offers Headache Racks from BackRack and Tough Country manufacturers. We admire these products not just for its functionality and style but also because owners can actually put lights on it to achieve a better, more stylish look. BackRack has one of the most sought-after headache racks and we are proud to carry their products. Be sure to check them out.

A BackRack Headache Rack provides great cab protection while providing a sturdy structure to secure cargo, carry ladders and mount a variety of warning lights. This headache rack can be installed in minutes without drilling on most trucks. More than 20 available accessory brackets provide simple mounting of toolboxes, strobes, arrow sticks, light bars, antennas, spot lights and more. Roof Racks Direct has available brackets for every model, therefore, making the BackRack the ultimate light racks. BackRack Rear bars are ideal for securing long cargo such as ladders, lumber or pipe. It is mounted into the truck’s stake pockets, custom designed for every vehicle. It can also be removed when not in use. This, however, are not applicable for vehicles that do not possess stake pockets. The BackRack Toolbox Brackets are used to mount “over-the-rail” style toolboxes but of course, our customers have found a number of other creative uses for these said brackets. It is available in 21” which is the standard size and 31” lengths.

Tough Country Headache Racks are right out of Texas. It offers a great southwest appeal. Touch Country Headache Racks are available in a louvered and non louvered style. It has an easy-bolt-up to the bed frame feature and indeed a great product for utility, protection, and style.

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